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We differ from almost all of our competitors in that we do not have a background in recruitment. It is a common misconception in the recruitment sector that representing a company to find a candidate ensures that you are qualified to write a candidate a great CV.

We understand that the core focus must always be on the ultimate hiring manager, the individual that makes the decision on whether you are selected for an interview. The opinions of HR and Recruitment Consultants are therefore secondary.

The CV Packs customer service levels and standards are born out of the excellence instilled in the Co-Founders during careers in Investment Banking and Strategic Consultancy.

We have worked in front office Investment Banking and Strategic Consultancy and realised that current CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn writing services are largely provided by ex-recruitment consultants that do not make final round hiring decisions.

Our aim in starting The CV Pack was to help our clients really connect with hiring managers that make the ultimate decision on who to hire, not to just design a CV that will get them through initial HR screening.

We have specialist CV writing experience across a range of markets including Project Management, Consultancy, Finance, Technology, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Pharmaceuticals and FMCG, among others. Aside from CVs, we also offer LinkedIn profile updates and cover letters.

Our LinkedIn profiles are provided in a Microsoft Word template so that you copy and paste the content in your live profile. Our cover letters can either be written for specific role, or a more generic/speculative cover letter.

Our rigorous selection and training process ensures that all of our writers are based in the UK and all are of the highest standard.

As ex-Barclays M&A and ex-Big 4 Strategy and Operations employees we have 100% confidence in the quality of CVs written by our team of expert writers. After all, we trained them.

We are rated as exceptional across all feedback platforms, check our ratings here TrustPilot (also make sure you check out any competitor companies you are thinking about!)

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Henry spent close to 10 years’ working for a large global bank in London. Starting his career in corporate banking, he then moved into credit risk investment banking and M&A corporate finance. Working with graduates to help them secure roles in similar positions, he found a passion for CV writing and career development, so joined forces to set up The CV Pack.



Pamela began writing CVs during her University years but went on to pursue a career in technology consulting for a global firm. She then moved into Strategy & Operations for one of the Big 4 in London working across many industries within the private sector. Pursuing her love for CV writing and helping others improve their career prospects, she co-founded The CV Pack in 2015.



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