Are You Returning to Work? Here Are Some Top Tips


  • Set Out Clear Career Objectives – It can be difficult to get back into work mode when you are returning after a big career break, but setting out clear career objectives can help in a big way. Take the time to consider what you find enjoyable in the workplace, what fulfills you and the type of role that you are best suited to. It’s a lot easier to narrow down all of your potential career options when you have a clear objective or goal in mind.


  • Boost Your Self Confidence – Taking time away from the workplace can knock your confidence, especially if you are feeling as though colleagues and other candidates are excelling ahead of you. Before you come to the end of your career break, find ways to boost your self-confidence. This will ensure that you head back to work feeling motivated, capable and ready for any challenge.


  • Get to Grips With the Latest Technology – If you have been out of the workplace long enough to miss some of the latest technology, find time to get to grips with anything you may need to use when you are back at work. Even if your career break was a relatively short one, you may find yourself behind on new systems and updates. It’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with anything new that you may be faced with, as this saves the stress of feeling out of your depth on your first day back.


  • Update Your CV – There is a good chance that your CV will need updating before you return to work after a career break, especially if you have been working on other projects during this time. Even if you haven’t been employed as such, it’s worth noting down any volunteer roles you have undertaken or any work you have done with local organisations. If you need help updating your CV, we are here to help.


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