Supporting You at Every Stage of Your Recruitment Process

Q. What is the process when I order a CV or Cover Letter?


A. You order the product on our Order Now page, at the Checkout you can upload your existing CV or information about the job/jobs you are applying for. We will then get started writing your new CV or Cover Letter. If we will require any further information from you we will drop you an email. We will then email you back with the finished product in Word document format. If you require any revisions or edits we are happy to make these.


Q. Where are you based?


A. We are based in London, UK.


Q. What format will the CV be in?


A. The CV and cover letter will be provided in Word format so you can make adjustments to it as your career progresses. This is also the preferred format for recruiters, but we can provide a PDF version as well.


Q. Can you help with personal statements / application questions?


A. Our team of writers can provide a range of bespoke writing services. Please get in touch with us at to provide us with further details so we can put a quote together for you.


Q. Do you write in other languages?


A. We specialise in writing CV’s for English speaking markets and global positions that require an English CV, as a result we do not offer CV’s in additional languages.


Q. I do not have a specific role / industry in mind, does that matter?


A. No this does not matter, we can tailor our CVs and Cover Letters for a specific role, a certain industry or have them address a broad range of jobs, just let us know at the checkout.


Q. I have never had a CV before, do you create them from scratch?


A. Yes we can create CV’s from scratch. We have worked with many clients who have either not embarked on their career yet or never had to put a CV together, we can provide you with a list of questions to get started and then we will take it from there to craft you a comprehensive and compelling CV