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The CV Pack's customer service levels and standards are born out of the excellence instilled on the Co-Founders during careers in Investment Banking and Strategic Consultancy.

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We have specialist CV writing experience across a range of markets including Project Management, Consultancy, Finance, Technology, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Pharmaceuticals and FMCG, among others.

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Given The CV Packs top-tier position in the CV Writing market we are lucky to receive lots of prospective applications for our writing positions. This enables us to select from a deep pool of talent, before going onto hand-pick prospective writers for a rigorous training programme before allowing successful writers to go live with clients.


Jacob had been training as a Web Developer alongside his career in Customer Services. We focused on his personal development, freelance work and self-training to create a new CV that enabled him to pursue an entry-level role in Web...

Web Developer

Jacob purchased The CV Pack

Kwame’s CV had developed into a 4-page behemoth after 10 years of contract work in IT Project Management. We took his objective of securing a permanent position in Programme Management into account when crafting him a new achievement-focused CV.

Programme Manager

Kwame purchased Management Pack

Matthew worked in a specialised technical role, and found it difficult to convey what he does in language that a HR professional would understand. We used the 60-minute consultative phone call to break down his role, achievements and leadership...

Mechanical Engineer

Matthew purchased Executive Pack

Liz had spent 20 years’ with a leading global hospitality brand and was looking to take the next significant step in her career into a Director role. Liz barely had a CV to start with, so we worked with...

Operations Director

Liz purchased Senior Manager CV

Anthea took an extended maternity leave to raise a young family 5 years’ ago and struggled to get her foot back on the ladder as a Brand Manager. We worked with her to demonstrate the skills she had developed...

Brand Manager

Anthea purchased Senior Management Pack


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